Some Of The Health Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Some health benefits of owning a pet

Some health benefits of owning a pet

Pet lovers, who adore having a little friend around such as a dog or cat, may be doing their health well.  Over the years, researchers have gathered more evidence that lead many to belief pets are good for human health.  People with health concerns such as anxiety or high blood pressure may have more of an advantage.  Pets may help reduce hypertension and lessen anxiety affects.  Some researchers even feel your pet boosts your immune system.  While loving your pet may help your health, many are happy using their pet to help them get a dating companion.

Have allergies?  Studies claim kids who grow up with a furry friend are less likely to deal with advanced symptoms of allergies and asthma/  Few studies even looked at pregnant women having a pet in the home; babies born where shown to be less prone to allergic reactions based on evidence from blood testing upon being born.  Some had stronger immune systems.  So what’s the catch? In short, researchers believe babies who were exposed to dog allergens developed an immunity that may help their bodies fight bacteria.

Having trouble getting a date?  Dogs are considered one of the most reliable ways to get a date.  Well, at least increasing chances of getting attention from a potential date anyway.  If you’re not a social person or you tend to isolate yourself often, a pet may help you open up.  Researchers and psychiatrists believe having a pet, in particular a dog, may help people ease into social interactions with others.  Plus, pets tend to be an easy and natural way to get a conversation started.

Pets can male great companions for senior citizens.  Studies completed at a veterinarian university in California claimed Alzheimer’s patients seem more relaxed when an animal is present in the home.  Elderly individuals who are able to care for a pet have a companion they can exercise with, such as taking a walk.  In some cases, it helps with medical insurance. Some companies offer a discount to seniors who have a pet in the home if it part of their medical screenings.

Need a nature way to improve your mood? Researchers have learned that pets tend to have a way of improving your mood and even reducing depression.  People suffering from cancer, AIDS or other health conditions may also benefit.  How so? Studies have picked up chemical changes in the brain associated with mood.  Pets may help increase serotonin and pleasure & calming properties in the brain.  Data has also been collected on how the effects of having a pet may reduce plaque buildup in heart arteries; a potential heart disease factor.

Having a pet may help improve recovery for heart attack victims.  Some studies suggest heart attack patients who have pets live longer than those who had a heart attack without pets present in the home.  Pet owners who are male, were shown to have lower heart disease risk including low levels of cholesterol.

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