Dog vs Cat – Which Pet would Suit You Best?

An Alsatian Dog

An Alsatian Dog

If you can only have one pet, a cat or a dog, which should it be? In this article I will discuss the pros and cons of both creatures!!
By Eniola Odurinde

A Cat

A Cat


Cats are from the felidae family and have been domesticated for approximately 7,000 years. They are more independant than dogs, and usually cost much less, especially if allowed to roam outdoors. They are generally equally intelligent, regardless of breed, and have had their visual memory compared to that of a monkey!!

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not creatures you can simply forget about, they need love and attention too, however, they do not require as much as dogs.

Humans have 5 million olfactory sensors, cats have 19 million, and dogs have 200 million!


Dogs (canine) are descended from wolves and have been domesticated for 14,000 years. They are famously known as ”Man’s best friend” and look to you as their master. Their intelligence generally varies by breed, with Doberman Pinchers and Border Collies being famously intelligent. Some breeds are friendlier than others, some make good pets, others make good guard dogs.

They are expensive, both to buy and to look after. They require regular grooming, daily walking and obviously, food and water! They require attention and affection in much larger quantities than cats!

VS! (The quick facts!)



Dogs have a better sense of smell…

…But cats have better hearing

Dogs treat you as their master

…While cats are their own boss

Dogs have been domesticated for 14,000 years..

…Cats for only 7,000

Dogs are descended from wolves

Cats are from the family felidae

Dogs are omnivores (meat ‘n’ veg)

Cats are carnivores (meat only please!)

Urine smells bad, but not that bad!

FACT: Cat urine smells worse

Dogs’ noseprints are as unique as human fingerprints

Did you know, cats uric acid contains hard-to-remove crystals that SMELL?!

Dogs gait allows them to reduce muscular effort by 70%

Cats hunt less (energy) efficiently than dogs!

Dogs cost a lot of money!

An outdoor cat is sooo much cheaper

77.5 million people own dogs…

93.6 million people own cats…

Dogs produce arachidonic acid themselves, and dont need so much taurine

Cats need taurine and arachidonic acid (vital feed ingredients)

Dogs shorterm memory outperforms cats’…

But cats visual memory is comparable to a monkeys!

Some breeds are more intelligent than others

Intelligence is not decided by breed

Dogs may be as smart as toddlers…

A cat earned a high school diploma!!

Dogs can sniff out cancer

Cats can wind us round their paws!

On average, dogs live for 12-14 years

Cats live for 9-15 years on average

A dog owner generally has lower cholestrol, and is generally healthier, while…

A cat owner is more likely to get a university degree!!

So, generally, cats are more suitable for people with long hours of work and little time!

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