Bringing Your Dog with You on Your Date

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More people are exploring the idea of taking their dog with them on a date.  Some see it as a way of easing themselves back into dating if they haven’t done so in a while.  Maybe the presence of your furry friend gives you the encouragement you need to approach someone you’ve had your eyes on.  Sometimes just having the dog present get things up and going by starting off with casual conversation.  Whatever the case may be, if you decide to bring your dog with you on your date, there are a few details to keep in mind.

  • Its common you want to look good for your date; why not your dog? Some dogs have a natural way of looking intimating.  Look for ways to help your dog look friendly, such as a bandana around the neck or have their favorite toy to play with during the date.  Help your dog enjoy making new friends by having treats on hand; this may also help them learn good manners.
  • Sometimes it can be helpful if the dog makes the first move for you on the date.  Maybe your date can give the dog a treat to help them feel comfortable around them.  A well-mannered dog can say a lot about their owner.  Plus, some belief dog owners make good parents.
  • Need a topic to talk about? Talk about your pet.  Share how you got your pet and why the dog is so special to you.  Be honest about your story; it may help you score bonus points with your date. Meaning, it can show other good qualities about you.
  • Learn which dog breeds may be better for date night.  Afghans, collies, and golden retrievers are suggestive options.  Some dogs are known to have a positive demeanor that can be helpful when you feel anxious or nervous.
  • What if you sense your dog doesn’t like your date?  In some cases you may want to trust their instincts; dogs are known for having keen senses when it comes to people.  Sometimes it takes time getting used to a person, but you’ll like learn the issue if you know your dog well.
  • Try taking your dog somewhere to an event or places where dogs are welcome to get used to the concept of taking them with you on a date.  Take note of how they respond to other people.  Go to the park or find an event that welcomes animals.  This can help you practice social skills with your dog present and get comfortable with starting conversations.  See if your dog likes to take the lead when meeting new people.

You may have a better chance of having a good time if your date is a dog lover too.  Even if the date doesn’t work out, you may have learned something new about yourself or your dog.  In the end, you got to spend time with your four-legged friend.

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